Friday, March 30, 2007

Get Bear Naked

We recently had the chance to sample all the great granola products (trans fat free... and all natural) from the folks at the Bear Naked company. We've put up our initial profile and Bear Naked review and we'll be writing subsequent reviews of all of the high quality cereal, granola and snack products they sent our way.

New at Trans fat free

Check it out. We've posted an informational article about interesterified fat -- a new danger you need to learn about.

We've also got an update on the food service products from the California Rice Bran Oil company as well as a visitor review of their home cooking oil product.

San Diego State Trans Fat Free

College food service at San Diego State is doing its part to improve student health. The organization has announced that it has switched to trans fat free cooking oil. So, students should still watch their french fry intake, but things have gotten just a bit less dangerous.

Saturday, February 24, 2007

Trans fats are not the only problem

The new awareness of trans fat has an unfortunate side effect -- people are ignoring other kinds of fat.

Don't get me wrong -- we all need some fat in our diet. But, there are two problems with the way most people are eating fat today.

1) First, we are excessive with fat - Americans especially eat far too much fat, along with processed foods. We don't need to remove fats from our diets, but we do need to limit the amount we eat.

2) We need to watch what kind of fats we are eating. Removing trans fat from our diets is a good step - but it is only the first step. Watch processed, hydrogenated oils and try to avoid them. Limit the number of saturated fats you eat -- these are the ones found in butter and other dairy and meat products. Saturated fats are also in palm oils, although there is some debate about whether these are less harmful than those found in animal products

So, I guess my point is -- I'm thrilled to see the removal of trans fat from our daily diets -- but we have to watch our overall fat intake and eat healthy produce, whole grains and other natural whole foods.


Monday, February 12, 2007

Oil comparisons

Looking for the best trans fat free oils for your restaurant or business? Texas A&M University did a test of many of the available oils and the results are published on the frytest web site. Check it out if you are searching for alternatives for trans fat laden oils.

Also, we are about to update (a long overdue step -- we know) our list of great trans fat free products. Check back in about a week for new information on this!

The new danger: Interesterified fat

So, the bad news in all of the companies getting rid of trans fats in their food products is that in some cases, they are replacing the trans fat with something just as bad. Even worse, since they aren't required to place the new kind of fat on the label yet, you may not even know. What is it?

Interesterified fat. No, it isn't easy to spell or say. And, rightly so, since it also isn't easy for your body to process. It may have just as much negative effect on your heart and cholesterol levels as trans fat.

The short description is that interestified fat comes from fully hydrogenated oils. We're putting together an article on for you with more details soon, so check back.

Fast Food News: BK begins trans-fat-free testing, too

Fast Food News: BK begins trans-fat-free testing, too:
the fast food restaurants are finally bowing to public pressure on this issue. It's great to see the biggies like BK and McDonalds finally getting the trans fat out!

Sunday, February 11, 2007

macdonalds trans fat free?

In order to keep doing business, macdonalds has had to remove trans fats from their fast food... They've announced that they're taking trans fats out of their food for the entire chain. This is huge, since MacDonalds is a leading fast food restaurant nationwide. And, if they can get the trans fatty acids out of their fries, mcnuggets and shakes, other companies will follow...

Saturday, February 03, 2007

Join the Mouth Revolution

The fine folks at Annie's have sponsored a new online movie all about real food vs. processed/chemical additive / trans fat laden foods. It has a great message, but it is also well done and very funny. Check it out at the Mouth Revolution!

"Eat Real Food"

fiber, flavor and no trans fat

Ok, we've posted our newest product review. Check out our featured product: Gnu Foods Flavor and Fiber bars. They're not widely available yet, but you can find them and you can also order them online. Very natural. Very healthy. Vegan. Kosher. Friendly food. :)

Friday, February 02, 2007

Trans fat free hotels

Both the Marriott hotel chain and Omni hotels have announced plans to remove trans fats from their menus.

Omni has said their menus will be trans fat free by March 1st, 2007 . Marriott has already taken trans fatty acids out of many of their food offerings. However, February 15th, they will finally take them out of their french fries. Marriott operates more than 2000 hotels and says they served more than 6 million pounds of french fries last year.

Wednesday, January 24, 2007

Trans fat free Crisco

Crisco - the gold standard in shortening - has announced that they will be removing trans fat from all of their products. They previously released a zero trans fat version of their shortening (with small enough amounts of trans fatty acids to have a "zero" on the label next to trans fat content) -- but now they are rolling this change to their other shortening products.

I've used the zero transfat version for baking and it was quite good! This is a marvelous step - kudos to the Smuckers company, who owns and manufactures the Crisco brand.

New from Gnu

Gnu foods has released some trans fat free bars that are incredibly high in fiber... We'll be reviewing them in about a week, but just for a sneak preview -- they're great!

Check back for the full review of Gnu's chocolate brownie, banana walnut and cinnamon raisin bars!!!