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Desserts of Distinction Cheesecake Review

no sugar added cheesecakeGoing trans fat free doesn't have to mean tasteless desserts or that you have to do all of your own baking. It is possible to get delicious treats from high quality bakeries that are made with healthful ingredients and don't use trans fats!

We recently had the opportunity to taste 4 different cheesecakes from Desserts of Distinction  that have no or very low trans fat content. And, we're happy to recommend them to you, because they were delicious, with very high quality ingredients!

Classic New York Style

Desserts of Distinction offers a classic New York cheesecake with no crust that we tried (they also have a version with graham crust). This cheesecake was smooth, creamy and delicious. At 230 calories per slice, it is decadent, but well worth it for a special treat. With very simple natural ingredients (such as cream cheese, sugar and eggs), the product has the classic cheesecake flavor you would expect from your favorite NY deli. This is the ideal choice for someone who opts for plain, or if you want to garnish it with your own fruit or sauce.

New York Style No Sugar Added Cheesecake

You may think you need to lower your expectations for a no sugar added cheesecake, but we're here to tell you this one is a very pleasant surprise. With only 150 calories for a slice, the creamy texture is complemented by the luscious flavor. This cheesecake is sweetened with Maltitol (a sugar alcohol product, that most literature indicates is suitable for diabetics!) that leaves no aftertaste. While some testers were reticent to try no sugar, others were quite excited and this turned out to be one of our most popular cheesecakes. And, if you're looking for a low carb cheesecake, this is a reasonable option, with 12 g of total carbs per serving instead of 16 in the classic. One tester immediately requested the web address so she could go online and order a whole one for herself!  

If you are looking for no sugar added cheesecake,  Desserts of Distinction offers additional flavors including blueberry swirl, chocolate swirl, pumpkin, key lime, amaretto, cappuccino and strawberry. Or, order their sampler assortment to try several. 

Triple Chocolate Raspberry Cheesecake

chocolate cheesecakeFor those who think dessert is not really dessert if it doesn't involve chocolate… this is the cheesecake for you. What makes up this triple chocolate raspberry?  Imagine a chocolate cookie crust, a smooth and rich chocolate-raspberry blended cheesecake and a thick semisweet chocolate glaze and you're on your way to experiencing this truly sinful tasting treat. Each serving packs 260 calories, which is far less than a slice of a comparable cheesecake factory recipe treat, and is well worth it in our book. This was our personal favorite, being unreformed and unrepentant chocoholics and it lived up to our very high standards.

Turtle Cheesecake

Turtle cheesecake is not made of turtles… Rather, inspired by the classic candy, this cheesecake is sandwiched between a chocolate cookie crust and a topping of chocolate chips, toasted pecan pieces and caramel sauce.  Very appealing, this cheesecake offers a full range of flavor and texture in each bite. It was very popular with the testers and was the favorite for several. Only criticism was that it could have been "more gooey" and needed more caramel on it.

 Other Flavors

While we only got to try the flavors above, this company offers a full range of traditional flavors (such as chocolate caramel kiss, key lime and marionberry) there are also some unusual taste confections such as orange-mango, lemon biscotti, cranberry and  apple pie a la mode). 

Ordering Desserts of Distinction Cheesecake

So, how do you get these treats? Visit the desserts of distinction website, and order online. Products are sent to you in sturdy, insulated cheesecake shipping boxes, packed with plenty of ice and delivered in excellent condition to your doorstep. Whether you want a special treat for yourself or your family or want to send a luscious gift of a birthday cheesecake to someone you love, these are just the ticket. You can also find these premium desserts sold through HSN (Home Shopping Network)  and other online outlets.

Please note they are adding new flavors and products all the time, so it is worth checking back for new things to try!


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